Four Common Mistakes You Make When Choosing A Web Host

The web hosting is one of the most important things for your online success. If you have a poor web host, it can significantly slow down your website, causing frequent downtime and your customers and clients can have a negative experience while doing business with you. People often make mistakes while choosing an appropriate web host. We are going to help you identify and overcome them.

Choosing a free host

While free host sounds like a great solution, especially for your wallet, there are some issues with this you need to reconsider. For example, your host may accommodate 3rd party advertisement on your website, and you may experience the slow loading speed. Some web hosts won’t allow you to upgrade when your business picks up, and you won’t be able to run certain scripts. When we take an example of WordPress, this is a powerful platform for bloggers, but they keep the right to post ads on your web page. In this case, by sacrificing control over your site, you won’t be able to provide quality service, if you choose a free web host.

Not reading the reviews

Web Host Nowadays, you can find the thousands of web-hosting companies on the market; they will promise you excellent conditions and great service. But the biggest mistake you can make is choosing the host company without reading the reviews. When you are evaluating the host company, you need to pay attention to following things:

See if there are some customer support complaints.

Problems with downtime or slow loading speed.

Issues with security.

If you read only bad things about web hosting company, then it should be a red flag for you. On the other hand, if you find a company that is too good to be true, then maybe they have paid people to write positive reviews about them. In this case, you should search for balance, everything above 80% of positive reviews is acceptable.

You don’t test customer support service

At some point, throughout the life of your web page, you will need to use the services of customer support. Depending on their skill and speed, you might be experiencing some major issues in the future. A poor customer support may leave you to struggle with these problems on your own. Most of the hosting companies advertise 24/7 customer support, but some cases that might not be true. To avoid these problems in the future, you need to make a list of questions for them, which aren’t answered on their website. You should test each contact individually, email, phone or live chat and see their response time.

Choosing the wrong hosting package

Web Host

One of the common mistakes is choosing the wrong hosting package. Shared hosting is for the web pages that are just starting out, while dedicated hosts are for major businesses and website. You need to evaluate in which category you belong to. The size of your site isn’t relevant; you need to pay attention to services the web hosting is offering you

Christine W. Rast