How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Provider?

When selecting a web provider, you need to decide whether the company will provide you an appropriate service or not. It all depends on your needs and what exactly are you expecting. Nowadays, there are thousands of web hosting companies, so how do you choose one for your business website or your personal page? We have answered some questions for you, and we hope our recommendations will help you in this search.

Identify your needs

Web Hosting Provider

You will never hire the right company, without knowing what you need. Before you proceed with this task, you need to think about your requirements. For example, why are you starting up an online page, do you want something usual, like WordPeess? Do you need a Windows application, or a particular type of software, such as PHP? How big of traffic do you expect your website will hit and so on. These are some basic questions, but they will help you narrow down the choice

Start small

If you are still new in this, you don’t have to be a genius to know that simple start is a way towards success. You can decide to use a shared hosting, it is cheap for maintenance, and it will provide you enough space for your basic needs. In addition to this, you can always upgrade to VPS or decide to use a dedicated hosting later, when your website becomes bigger, or when your business grows. There is no need in paying expensive web hosting; you are still in the beginning. Some of the companies we recommend are iPage,, inmotion hosting, webhostface and

Server reliability is important

The crucial thing for a web host is to stay open 24/7. It needs to operate on a powerful server and to have a stable internet connection. It is recommended to choose servers which have 99.5%, and above uptime score, anything below 99% will be a failure for you. There are many ways how you can discover web host uptime info, for example, you can read online reviews, or you can track the web host with monitoring tools. Many of these tools are free and pretty simple to use.

Upgrading options

Web Hosting ProviderBased on some research a basic shared hosting should be sufficient to support a website or a blog which has around 40,000 monthly visitors. If you manage to limit a database connection bellow 20, a shared host will be a good option for you. On the other hand, if you expect that your website will grow in the following years, you need to pick up a hosting which will able to follow your demands. In this case, by growing, we mean upgrading your web host, starting from shared and then go to the dedicated server.

Multiple domains

Domains are cheap nowadays, so it is hard to resist to own several of them, considering the price. Multiple domains aren’t something which is unusual, but if you want own several domains, you need to have a web host which will provide you this. The shared domains, allow you to have 25 domains top.

Christine W. Rast