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Our Offer

The web hosting market expanded in last several years, and that brought a lot of new services into the game. We keep track of those innovations and bring out new and exciting packages that help companies to find their sweet place on the internet and increase the productivity of their line of work.

Server Space

The renting and maintenance of virtual servers lies at the core of our business. Our clients can rent space on our servers, and they can manage their data and maintain those servers without us if they decide to do so.

Virtual Server

We can also rent entire virtual servers and give the full control to the client. This is an excellent option for large international enterprises that look for functionality as one large server will connect various people from all over the world and make it easy for them to work on same projects.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based hosting is the latest trend in this business, and we offer services that involve servers that don’t have their physical counterparts, and everything gets stored on an online server. The security of such servers isn’t as high as it should be.

About Us: The UK WordPress Hosting Experts

We are Get Contentment, A WordPress hosting provider that provides web hosting services for WordPress to a wide variety of clients that come both from business and regular circles. We have created a business that complements the advancement of the technology and introduces new offers on a regular basis.

Finding a decent WordPress host in the UK can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for… you might be wondering what the difference is between managed wordpress hosting and normal WP hosting. Or how much disk space do you really need, what’s this CDN term everybody keeps talking about? Is my server location important? And many more questions come to mind. Luckily, there are actually good people out there that explain all this, we’ve already linked MangoMatter at the start of this paragraph, but if you look around, you can find quite a few more. They not only do detailed comparisons, but usually also review the individual hosting companies so you can make an informed decision.

Why Should You Choose Our Hosting

The number of web hosting providers on the internet is huge, and it isn’t easy to establish a hosting company that is well-known and sought on the market like that. We try to perfect every plan, balance every feature, from bandwidth, to ssd disks, CPU resources, number of addon domains, and much more.

 While we have searched for decent web hosting comparisons, we haven’t one another hosting company that comes close to what we offer.

We kept refreshing our services and adding new features as soon as they become available for us. This kept us on the top of the market, and thus we got known as a company that places their clients before everything else. Contact us and see how we can help you and your business achieve heights you thought were impossible.

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Our Satisfied Customers

The number of satisfied clients is enormous, and they all praise our business. We can’t list all of them, but we can take three or four random comments they uttered.


My business runs smoothly because i decided to contact Get Contentment and hire virutal server space to simplify the way our company does things.

My company would develop to the point of being a competitive business without services from Get Contentment as their web hosting improved our productivity.


Leading a business that focuses on the internet requires a lot of work and the success isn’t guaranteed. Luckily, we connected with Get Contentment, and that helped us survive.